The employment of iodine is dependent on the presence of copper, while both magnesium, manganese and potassium help silicon work properly. These elements, especially trace minerals, play an important role in the prevention of several diseases. Furthermore, sea water is enriched by the presence of Dunaliella Salina, a micro algae which is especially found in sea salt fields. This pink halophile is known for its anti-oxidant activity and its ability to create large amounts of carotenoids, such as Beta Carotene, Lycopene and Lutein. Given their anti-oxidant properties, early research suggested some amelioration of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. Natural sea salt is the ideal product to increase wellbeing and carry out targeted beauty treatments. Our skilled medical doctors may help patients plan:
Natural Sea Salt
Effective health and beauty treatments are carried out through the employment of natural sea salt, a special sea salt which contains high concentrations of precious natural elements. In fact, both refined sea salt and rock salt undergo particular working processes which impoverish them and decrease their level of iodine.
According to the Chemical Analysis Laboratory of Nantes (France), natural sea salt boasts at least 70 out of the 84 precious substances contained in sea water.
Apart from sodium chloride, natural sea salt also contains further trace minerals, such as sulphates, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, strontium, manganese, iodine, zinc, fluorides, silver, boron, silicon, copper and many more, which are essential for people's health.
These essential substances work in synergy with the other minerals and vitamins which are naturally present in our body.

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